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Puma Browser download for free

Puma Browser is a Freeware software, a program for your device that is easy to use and install.

Puma Browser is a smartphone application that offers users private Internet browsing.

You can use and install the Puma Browser application on devices that have an Android / iOS operating system..

photo: Puma Browser
Screenshot: Puma Browser

Using Puma Browser you can visit your favorite websites, read news, watch videos or listen to music.

Puma Browser is a software with a clean and intuitive interface, from which the user can use the application without problems.

To download the Freeware version of Puma Browser follow the download link from this page!

Operating systems: Android / iOS

License: Freeware

Size: 0.01 mb

Developer's website:

Puma Browser - features

  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Different tools for web page creators;
  • Various navigation tools;
  • Different search options;
  • Anonymous browsing;
  • Simple, fast and efficient navigation;
  • Support install / uninstall, etc.

Puma Browser - installation

The Puma Browser installation is easy to do, just follow the instructions of the installer and accept the terms and conditions of use of the software.

Puma Browser - uninstallation

To uninstall Puma Browser there are various possibilities:

1. The first and safest way to uninstall / remove Puma Browser from your computer, is to use the windows uninstaller: Start » Control panel » Uninstall a program » Puma Browser » Uninstall.

2. The second option to uninstall / remove Puma Browser from your computer, is to use the uninstaller provided by the author of this software: Start » All programs » Puma Browser » Uninstall / Uninstaller.

3. The third option to remove Puma Browser from your computer, is to use an universal uninstaller.

4. If you can not uninstall Puma Browser ask for our help by clicking the help link below on this page.

For more information about this Freeware version of Puma Browser, a complete description of this software and information about how you can download for free this Freeware version of this software, press:

If you do not know how to install or how to uninstall Puma Browser, if you have problems with Puma Browser, we help you. If you can not download Puma Browser or do not know how to use Puma Browser we'll explain how.

We also offer online help if you have any questions about Puma Browser, for this go to our blog and leave a comment clearly explaining the problems with all possible details: the operating system, the error messages, the software version and from where you downloaded the software. For more information, click here: Puma Browser help. is not responsible for how you will use information from this page or how you will use this software / application. informs that Puma Browser should be used in compliance with laws and intellectual property rules and the current Penal Code. We leave it to your discretion to determine whether this product or how you plan to use is legal. Do not approve or encourage in any way the use of any software in contravention with the laws in force. The purpose and intent of the site is limited only to provide information to users and nothing else.

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